Panamá Pacífico


Panama Pacifico Special Economic Area is found in a privileged geographical position for a Regional Distribution Center, only 8 miles from Panama City: next to the Pacific Ports and en route with the Interamericana Highway that connects Panama with Central America.

Due to the tax benefits, workforce, geographical position, and world-class infrastructure constructed under a master development plan, Panama Pacifico has converted itself into one of the most important projects of the country.

Its area with more than 1,400 hectares includes International Business Centers, Logistics Parks, and Manufacturing Zones that attract companies like multinational, logistics services, high tech manufacturing, and diverse industries focused on international business.

Additionally, Panama Pacifico has residential areas, created under a concept focused on nature, offering a high quality of life for the working professionals in this community.

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  • Integrated Managing Systems
  • Migration regulation and special workforce
  • Tax incentives (partial and total extent of taxes)
  • Investment stability Law
  • Higher education centers
  • Amenities like banks, drugstores, restaurants, gyms, etc.

Human Resources

Panama Pacifico is close to Panama City and other near towns like Arraijan and Chorrera, it provides access to operational and skilled personne.

Geographical position

Panama Pacifico is located only 8 miles from Panama City, 30 minutes from Tocumen International Airport, 3 miles from PSA port in the Pacific, also connecting Panama Pacifico and Central America through the Interamericana highway.


Panama Pacifico has the advantage to manage Nationalized and Non-Nationalized inventory in the same place, which allows for integration of local and regional distribution.


Panama Pacifico is a private economic area that currently counts with world-class infrastructure, design under a master development plan, that ensures the best security, transportation, risk controls, and eco-friendly sustainability conditions.

Global Enterprise Community

Panama Pacifico is the headquarters of many top multinationals companies in different industries. These businesses operate logistics, manufacturing, corporate services, customer care, call centers, etc.

Between all of them, they have a workforce of more than 8,500 employees and a business community that incentivizes productivity and the attraction of suppliers, services, and talent that nurture a corporate area.

Advantages of Panama Pacifico as a Logistic Center

Consumption and Volume

The Land freight is more competitive coming from Panama Pacifico.


Inventory would be inside the county with the Free Zone or Local status, which would allow for local distribution and also to have those options added to the benefits of your business.

Human Resources

The vast majority of personnel live in Panama City and towns nearby.

Delivering Services Logistic

Panama Pacifico’s centric position facilitates local distribution in Panama, as well as the International Airport, just a few minutes away.

Multinational Companies

In the Panama Pacifico area, there are a large number of multinational companies that have permits of distribution within the country, to facilitate the distribution process.


Panamá Pacífico is a private economic zone that currently counts with world-class infrastructure.

Panama Pacifico in numbers

  • 1400 Hectares
  • 800 Hectares in mix development
  • 600 Hectares of natural preserved areas
  • 46,000 sqm of offices
  • 5,000 sqm commercial space
  • 210,000 sqm of warehouses
  • 300+ register companies
  • 8500+ direct employment
  • 2500+ indirect employment
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Types of commercial activities in PP

  • Corporate Services
  • Maritime Sector and Aviation
  • Logistics and Distribution
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Call Centers
  • Import and Export of Merchandise
  • Film Making Industry


JCain in Panamá Pacifico

In 2015, J. Cain began operations in Panama Pacifico and established itself as the only company in the Panamanian territory to have operations in both logistics zones (Panama Pacifico and the Colon Free Zone).

The idea of counting with operations in these zones came from the clients’ needs, (this is one of the pillars of the company, to be able to hear the clients’ demands), and specifically, from a relationship with a well-known international client and to be able to give them a solution to their needs.

Our operation is located within an area designed under a master plan that will allow the sustainable and efficient development of the area, guaranteeing green spaces, vehicular flow, and capacity for water, electricity, and waste services. There is the PanAmerica Corporate Center of the Special Economic Area of Panama Pacifico, the most complete and advantageous in the region.

Panama Pacifico, the most complete and advantageous in the region.
We have 270,000 square feet of operations. This has led to new opportunities for the company and there is also space that gives companies flexibility in space requirements for each of our clients.

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We are very proud to be the only company in both logistics areas and it offers great advantages for clients since after completing an evaluation of the needs of each potential client in logistics terms, a recommendation is made as to where they should implement their operation.

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Our modern 270,000 square feet facilities are GMP / GDP certified by the Ministry of Health and have all the licenses required for the storage, distribution, and packaging operations of pharmaceutical products, medical supplies, and food.

Our vast experience of more than 70 years of managing pharmaceutical operations for multinational companies has shaped our high operational, regulatory, and compliance standards, guaranteeing a service of the highest quality, service, and professionalism.

We have on-site pharmaceutical regents and quality inspectors who guarantee strict compliance with our processes, cleaning routines, training plans, and good practices.

As a distribution agency, endorsed by the Directory of Pharmacies and Drugs, with J. Cain it has a fast, efficient, and secure solution for the outsourcing of its pharmaceutical operations in Panama.

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Our experienced IT staff can design, program, configure and implement customized solutions that allow a high degree of flexibility and the development of highly integrated projects such as E-Commerce, Data Interfaces (EDI), and visibility in real-time through our website.


All of our operations are controlled by our JDA Red Prairie Warehouse Management System (WMS), which controls every piece, box, or pallet in the warehouse via wireless barcode terminals.

The system allows full traceability of the cargo, from its arrival at the warehouse to its delivery to the customer, allowing inventory control with the highest level of accuracy.


Thanks to our strategic alliance with DHL Global Forwarding, a world leader in logistics, J. Cain provides all the options for international shipments in a fast and easy way.

We have representatives on-site for the various services offered by DHL, including customs brokerage, ocean, and air freight agency, as well as express parcel shipments and documentation.

We have daily transportation to and from the airport, as well as consolidation of maritime and land shipments connecting all Latin America and the Caribbean from a central point and with the best connectivity in the region.