Added Values

Added Values

We provide quality and efficient solutions for all packaging needs of your products. Through process control, specialized human resources, network suppliers, equipment, systems, and above all, experience in implementing value-added operations. We have the capability and knowledge to meet all customer requirements at the highest quality standards.

Added Values - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Pharmaceutical Packaging

With a vast experience in packaging operations of pharmaceuticals, we have a 100% validated operation under the rules of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Added Values - J. Cain & CO. Panama
Infrastructure & resources:
  • 22 rooms of standard fittings under “Data and Pollution Free”
  • Validated printing equipment health records, marked and labeled.
  • Human resource specialist with experience and training.
  • Monitoring and planning of work orders for complete visibility and monitoring work in progress.
  • Full Batch Record with GMP documentation
  • Quality sampling based on quality standards
  • Quality inspectors on site to work release
  • Broad portfolio of services:
    • Marking health records
    • Regulatory marks
    • Layout change
    • Labeling of bottles and boxes
    • Promotional packaging

Electronic and Consumer products packaging

We have specialized value-added services for electronic products and consumer goods. Made under the same procedures for pharmaceuticals accuracy and guaranteed quality of work.

  • Re-packaging
  • Technical quality inspections
  • Repairs
  • Regulatory Tags
    • Energy efficiency (INEN) for export to Ecuador, Venezuela, Colombia
    • Product Specifications
    • Rings and seals
  • Guarantee Certificates Insert
    • Handling formats by country destination
    • Online database for traceability of series and guarantees
  • Promotional Assembly
    • Kits
    • Combos
    • Thermo-shrunken
Added Values - J. Cain & CO. Panama