Panama Logistics Hub

Panama Logistics Hub

The Republic of Panama is a transcontinental isthmus that connects North and South America. The strategic geographical position of Panama is the main reason that the isthmus has been a natural center with logistical advantages since the beginning of its history.

With Logistics Services representing over 25% of Panama´s GDP, all users of the Panama Logistics Hub count with the full support of the Panamanian Government. This includes fast and reliable customs services, licenses, problem resolutions, and a general Business friendly environment.

Panama Logistics Hub has positioned itself as the largest logistics conglomerate in Latin America. Thanks to a privileged geographical location, the Panama Canal, port facilities in the Atlantic and Pacific Free Zones, the Tocumen International Airport, and a modern system of highways and freight train, Panama Logistics Hub provides quality service, reliability and dynamism to all users.

Panama´s Logistics assets and best in the region connectivity are complemented by a Dollar Economy, a low incidence of natural disasters, and law incentives for the establishment of regional operations.

Panama Logistics Hub - J. Cain & CO.
Delivery Time:
Panama Logistics Hub - J. Cain & CO.

Maritime Cargo (1 - 7 Days)

Cargo to Central America, Caribbean and Andean Pact countries.

Panama Logistics Hub - J. Cain & CO.

Land Cargo (1 - 7 Days)

From Panama to Veracruz (Mexico).

Panama Logistics Hub - J. Cain & CO.

Airborne Cargo (Nightly)

Flights to over seventy (70) destinations

Liner shipping connectivity index

For the past 10 years, Panama has maintained the highest levels of connectivity shipments; better known as liner shipping connectivity index (LSCI). This data is generated based on five main components:

  • The number of ships.
  • The total capacity / container ships.
  • The maximum size of ships.
  • The number size of ships.
  • The number of companies that deploy container ships in service.

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Logistics Performance Index

Likewise, Panama in 2014 won the best LPI (LPI) Latin American and Caribbean based on:

  • Efficiency of the clearance process
  • Quality of trade and transport infrastructure
  • Ease of arranging shipments at competitive prices
  • Competence and quality of logistics services
  • Shipment tracking capability
  • Period of time shipments as scheduled

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