Third Party Logistics Services Solutions (3PL)

Third Party Logistics Services Solutions (3PL)

J. Cain is leader in Distribution Center Solutions and in International Commerce Processes. With over 65 years experience, an exceptional Workforce, the best Warehouse Management System, and the best Facilities, J. Cain is the best option for your Supply Chain Management requirements. Our solutions guarantee the best service, lead times, reliability, and quality, consistently exceeding our customer's expectations.

With our own facilities and resources, as well as through strategic partnerships, we offer integrated, personalized, and professional solutions for all Storage, Distribution, Freight Forwarding, Customs Brokerage, IT services, Quality Assurance, and Project Management needs. As a "One Stop Shop" at J. Cain you will find all required services for your Supply Chain Management in one place!

Our services include:
  • KPI Monitoring and Reporting
  • Regular KPI and Assesment Meetings
  • Custom Reporting
  • Quality Assurance Management and Advising
  • Supply Chain Design and Analysis
  • Continuous Improvement: Kaizen Workshops, Six Sigma Projects, 5s Management
  • Deviation Managment and Solutions Implementations
  • Supplier Payment Desimbursments and Payment Managment
  • Supplier Evaluations
3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Distribution and Warehousing Services

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

We work with JDA Red Prairie DLX, the #1 voted inventory management system to logistic providers (3PLs). This system is the heart of quality of our organization, allowing us to consistently exceed the expectations of our customers.

3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama
We offer controls of the highest quality:
  • 100% directed work (“paperless”) through portable terminals with barcode reader.
  • RFID/EPC ability to track inventory in real time.
  • Storage-based system run by weight, size, availability of locations, zoning and product demand.
  • Optimization tools for appointments, yard management, cross dock and docking.
  • Inventory management tool for refills, special handling, cycle counts and business visibility.
  • Personnel management tools for workgroups planning, scheduling, productivity and visibility analysis.
  • Inventory accuracy: 99.95%
  • Preparation of orders: 24hrs
  • Receipt and storage of merchandise: 24hrs

Operational Excelence

In our quest for excellence, we developed a series of improvements in operational excellence for our design, control, analysis and reporting enhancements are consistent good service.

3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Included Services
  • Transfer of goods from the port / direct distribution center airport.
  • Direct coordination with shipping lines and airlines.
  • Tracking shipments in transit.
  • Receipt of national merchandise.
  • Customs, port documentation and procedures.
  • Development of import declarations and procedures.
  • Administration new plant, claims to shipping or airlines, coordination and claims to insurance, external inspections, etc.
  • Download and accommodation of inventories received 24 hrs.
  • Notifications for automatic e-mails.
  • Reports transit shipments.
3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Included services:
  • Download, receipt and storage of goods.
  • Storage of goods under the required conditions.
  • Shelving systems, storage floor areas of high value, specialized areas.
  • Store settings for speed zones and rotation ABC inventory.
  • Assorted areas, stored areas, system re-supplies.
  • Option temperature controlled warehouse.
  • Full traceability of inventory step (LPN).
  • Using Barcode Technology - Radio Frequencies.
  • Complete record of inventory by location in the warehouse.
  • Periodic reports inventory.
  • Reports of inventory balances available online.
  • Inventory aging reports.
  • Mode FIFO (first in, first out) and FEFO (first expired, first out)
  • Management, administration and collection of serial numbers.
3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Included Services:
  • ­Assortment, preparation, repackaging, loading trucks.
  • ­Management, administration and collection of serial numbers for office.
  • ­Options range by wave, routes for shipments.
  • ­Turnover in less than 8 hours and offices in 24 hours.
  • ­Labor flexibility according to workload.
  • ­Coordination of all procedures with Customs Agent.
  • ­Order tracking report.
  • ­Report news.
  • ­Notifications for automatic e-mails.
  • ­Order status via the web.
3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Included Services:
  • ­Labels
  • ­Placement of certificates of guarantees
  • ­Control of serial numbers promotional combos
  • ­Promotional combos
  • ­Printing records
  • ­Institutional Marked
  • ­Barcodes
  • ­Re-packing
  • ­Technical services
  • ­Light assembly
  • ­Labor flexibility according to workload.
3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama

Included Services:
  • Monthly KPI reports
  • Statistical reports
  • Negotiations, monitoring and evaluation of suppliers
  • Managing vendor payments
  • Consolidated Invoicing (one single invoice for all internal and external services)
  • Analysis of new features.
  • Continuous improvement initiatives. (Kaizen workshops, 5 whys, root cause analysis, etc.)
  • Centralize customer (Key Contract)

We coordinate everything related to transport their cargo. Through our own equipment and quality transport network, we supply all your needs for hauling container deliveries in Free Zone, transport to and from the airport, and distribution outlets in Panama City.

3PL - J. Cain & CO. Panama
The transport coordination service includes:
  • Bidding supplier
  • Management news
  • Tracking shipments in transit through tracking and proof of delivery (POD)
  • Reporting and trend analysis of developments
  • Reporting and monitoring KPIs times
  • Distribution Network Design

Our Fleet:

Our transportation network provides an efficient and fast service with a high level of professionalism:

  • Fleet of high quality vehicles
  • High standards of safety and technology
  • Tracking GPS
  • Cargo Insurance